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Specialty Crop Insurance
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 Protection for Your Crops


Insurance is available on a majority of specialty crops ranging from crop hail coverage to a combination of Crop Hail or Actual Production History coverage. The common insured crops for a production and quality guarantee include apples, grapes, peaches, blueberries. A sweet cherry revenue insurance policy is available in Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties in Michigan.

Crop Hail Insurance

Crop hail insurance is available for many specialty crops which protects against hail, fire, lightning, while in transport, and limited storage protection.

Forage Production Insurance

Protects an established stand of alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mixture, or red clover against yield loss due to adverse weather including winter kill, drought, excess moisture, fire, wildlife damage, plant disease and insect damage.

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Insurance

Designed to provide insurance coverage on your pasture, rangeland, or forage acres, and is based on precipitation, Rainfall Index. It gives you the ability to buy insurance protection for losses of forage produced for grazing or harvested for hay, which result in increased costs for feed, destocking, depopulating, or other actions.​​

Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Whole Farm Revenue Protection is an umbrella policy that protects against the loss of revenue from all crops and animal products that an entity produces. With less than three commodities, you can insure from 50 - 75% of your approved revenue. With more than three commodities you can insure up to 85%. Approved revenue is the less of (1) your average gross crop/animal sales in entities the last five years of Schedule F tax return average, and (2) intended crop year gross revenue from. Losses occur when growers actual revenue from crops and animal products produced falls below their guaranteed revenue, which is the approved revenue, multiplied by the coverage level.​

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