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Farm Operating Loans
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 Affordable & Convenient Operating Loans


Our short-term farm operating loans are perfect for financing your daily business operations. Loan funds can be accessed by writing drafts similar to checks, online withdrawals, by phone, or by visiting our branch offices. Plus, you can manage your loan by borrowing only the amount you need when you need it.

Part-time farmers with off-farm employment and full-time producers can also use this financing for living expenses, education, unexpected medical expenses, hedging account financing, etc.

  • Affordable
    You can determine a payment plan and maturity schedule to fit your cash flow and production cycle.
  • Fixed, adjustable, or variable rates
    Choose from a variety of interest rate plans.
  • Interest
    Loan interest will accrue on the outstanding balance only. No interest is charged on the unused portion of your capital line of credit loan.
  • Easy
    Our convenient monthly statements show you where your operating funds were used, along with the amount of your credit line that’s still available.


Available Loan Plans


  • Revolving Line of
    You are given a maximum credit line that can be disbursed at any time, and you can borrow and repay funds as often as necessary as long as the outstanding balance doesn’t exceed your credit limit. Revolving lines of credit can be written for up to three years.
  • Declining Balance
    This loan is disbursed until the combined disbursements total the face amount of the loan. Declining balance operating loans can be written for up to one and a half years, depending on your farm’s operating cycle.

You deserve the convenience and flexibility of our operating loans. We’re ready to help you keep your operation running smoothly.