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 Flexible Payment Options


If you're looking for a lender who specializes in farm land financing, GreenStone FCS can help. You can finance or refinance farm land purchases, land contracts, farm land improvements, and agricultural structures/buildings with our farm real estate loans. We are the leader in Michigan and Wisconsin for farm land loans. Vacant land, recreational land, homes, and home construction in rural, small town, or suburban areas can also be financed.

  • Earn Interest
    When you have excess cash, you can deposit it into a Funds Held account which can be used to pay your future mortgage payments, property insurance, or taxes. You earn a competitive interest rate on this investment account.
  • Match Payments to Your Cash Flow
    Payments can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. We’ll work with you to establish payment schedules that work with your cash flow.
  • Rate Conversion
    You can utilize our conversion option which allows you to change from one interest rate product to another at any time when rates decrease.
  • Assumable Loans
    These farm land loans are fully assumable. If you decide to sell your property, a qualified buyer could assume your mortgage. This is very attractive to many buyers.
  • Fixed, Adjustable, or Variable Rates Available
    Choose from a variety of interest rate plans.

Whether you're looking for a farm land loan or vacant land loan, contact us. We’ll fit you with the real estate financing that’s right for you.