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Patronage Program
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 Giving Back to our Customers


The good fortune of being financially sound enables GreenStone FCS to provide a reliable source of credit and financial services for farmers and rural residents. Our solid financial strength also allows us to provide a Patronage Program for our customers.

As part of our business mission to promote the success of our customers and the rural community, we’re proud to offer patronage. It provides a unique opportunity for our customers to share in our net earnings.

Our Patronage Program is based on each eligible customer's contribution to the company's net interest income.

What You Need to Know About Patronage

The GreenStone Farm Credit Services Patronage Program is a valuable benefit for eligible customers who have financing with us because it is a return of a portion of our net earnings to them.

Patronage payments are subject to the GreenStone FCS Board of Directors approval. The Board is required to analyze and authorize patronage payments each year, including the total amount of payout.

Customers eligible to receive the patronage payments include anyone holding stock or participation certificates with GreenStone FCS, which would include rural residential home loan customers. Most loan participations either sold or purchased by GreenStone FCS, and any leasing transactions, will not be included in the Patronage Program. The returns to customers also will not be based on income derived from fees or any of the organization’s financial services.

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