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ALM Applaud Stabenow's Leadership Regarding Budget
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Stabenow’s plan is on hold as Congress remains gridlocked on budget and deficit issues, despite the fact that the ag recommendations saves $23 billion in taxpayer dollars while preserving core programs vital to the U.S. agricultural sector.

Source: Agricultural Leaders of Michigan

Agricultural Leaders of Michigan Applaud Stabenow’s Leadership in Recent Budget Effort

Agricultural Leaders of Michigan praised Sen. Debbie Stabenow for her leadership in crafting an agricultural policy plan in a bipartisan, bicameral way that focused on protecting programs essential to agriculture, family farms, rural development and jobs. ALM also applauded Stabenow for working across the aisle and with the agriculture sector to respond to calls for deficit reduction.

Stabenow’s plan is on hold as Congress remains gridlocked on budget and deficit issues, despite the fact that the ag recommendations saves $23 billion in taxpayer dollars while preserving core programs vital to the U.S. agricultural sector.

“Michigan dairy producers applaud Sen. Debbie Stabenow for addressing much needed reforms that can modernize dairy policy – and we urge her to continue standing up for those reforms, which are essential to Michigan dairy farms and workers ,” said Ken Nobis, president of the Michigan Milk Producers Association. “Dairy is Michigan’s top agricultural commodity, and U.S. dairy exports have more than doubled in the last seven years. We look forward to a dairy policy that is based on today’s market realities and which allows us to continue to grow and meet increasing demands.”

“Agriculture is a major driving force in Michigan’s economy, creating jobs, opportunities for economic growth, and continuing to expand exports,” said George House, executive director of the Michigan Allied Poultry Industries Inc. “Sen. Stabenow’s leadership and her efforts will give agriculture the tools it needs to continue to be a competitive force globally, while providing a solid safety net for producers. That’s why poultry producers and agriculture as a whole stand with her as we work together to grow our agricultural industry.”

“Michigan’s agricultural sector is extremely diverse and is aggressively pursuing new markets and opportunities – opportunities that we can seize with the reforms Sen. Stabenow has proposed and which deserve to be supported,” said Sam Hines, executive vice president of the Michigan Pork Producers Association. “Sen. Stabenow has continuously fought for reforms that are balanced, reasonable and account for the realities of modern agriculture, addressing the needs of commodities, family farmers, the livestock industry and other sectors of our diverse industry. Sen. Stabenow recognizes that agriculture needs continued stability and we need to invest in the future.”

Stabenow has proposed reforms that include key recommendations for a pro-growth, responsible and forward-looking agricultural policy – priorities ALM had identified to Stabenow earlier this year:

Protecting the agricultural safety net and crop insurance; Reducing the land in the Conservation Reserve Program, which is essential to increase production amid growing global demand and shrinking stocks of grain; Updating the dairy program so it reflects conditions and realities of today’s market; Supporting federal food assistance programs, which are critical for helping America’s needy families and supporting local farmers; Maintaining a robust sugar policy; and Continuing the Energy Title programs, which are important in helping America’s farmers transition to a broader energy portfolio and increase their energy efficiency.

ALM has also said that the balancing act for any changes to farm programs must include cuts, and recommended reducing monetary subsidies to producers, in light of overall higher net farm incomes.

“Sound risk management practices like crop insurance help ensure financial stability for Michigan farmers, especially when weather brings drought, floods, hail and other natural calamities,” said Dave Armstrong, CEO of GreenStone Farm Credit Services. “Sen. Stabenow’s leadership on agricultural issues is essential to our common effort to reduce the deficit while preserving programs that help farmers mitigate risk and manage their resources effectively. We are pleased that Sen. Stabenow has worked in a bipartisan manner and brought agricultural stakeholders to the table, and we encourage her to continue in this important effort.”

“Michigan’s potato industry is on the rise, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s commitment to agriculture and specialty crops like potatoes is the key for our farmers and businesses to grow and thrive,” said Ben Kudwa, legislative director of the Potato Growers of Michigan. “We appreciate the work that Sen. Debbie Stabenow has done and will continue to do to highlight the strength and diversity of the agricultural industry in Michigan. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sen. Stabenow to support family farms, the people they employ and agriculture as a whole.”

“Sen. Stabenow has fought consistently for reforms that will help Michigan farmers increase production and deal with increasing demand,” said Jim Byrum, president of the Michigan Agri-Business Association. “Sen. Debbie Stabenow deserves credit for her support of major efforts to modernize and streamline farm policy that will ensure Michigan and U.S. agriculture can continue to grow and feed the world. Michigan agri-businesses stand ready to continue our fruitful partnership with Sen. Stabenow going forward as we build and grow Michigan agriculture.”


  • Dave Armstrong, President and CEO of GreenStone Farm Credit Services:
    (517) 318-2290
  • Ken Nobis, President of the Michigan Milk Producers Association:
    (248) 474-6672
  • George House, Executive Director of Michigan Allied Poultry Industries Inc.:
    (616) 676-5593
  • Ben Kudwa, Legislative Director of the Potato Growers of Michigan:
    (517) 669-8377
  • Sam Hines, Executive Vice President, Michigan Pork Producers Association:
    (517) 853-3782
  • Jim Byrum, President of the Michigan Agri-Business Association:
    (517) 336-0223