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FSA Officials Visit Northeast Wisconsin
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During October, GreenStone employees joined Jonathan Coppess, National Administrator of the Farm Service Agency, as he toured dairies in Northeast Wisconsin. They were joined by other FSA officials including:

  • Brad Pfaff – FSA State Executive Director, Madison, WI
  • Ray Ellenberger – FSA Farm Loan Chief, Madison, WI
  • Russ Raeder – FSA Farm Program Chief, Madison, WI
  • Tim Siehr – FSA County Executive Director, Sturgeon Bay, WI
  • Dan Schott – Farm Loan Manager, Oconto, WI
  • Brad Englebert – Farm Loan Manager, Manitowoc, WI
  • Patty Edelburg – Member of FSA State Committee

The entourage toured three dairies in Northeast Wisconsin as an opportunity to showcase FSA’s farm loan programs and attendees were also asked to share how FSA’s programs have worked for them and what changes they would like to see within the programs.

Dairies visited were:

  • Ryan Chaudior Farm, Brussels, Wisconsin
  • Brey’s Cycle Farm, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  • Wayside Dairy, Greenleaf, Wisconsin

Carl Treml, Sarah Morack and Moriah Brey of GreenStone joined the group at various stops throughout the day. The Administrator was very engaged with the relationship between GreenStone and FSA. Dan Schott, Farm Loan Manager at the Oconto, Wisconsin FSA office noted that GreenStone's guarantees make up two-thirds of his office’s total guarantee loan portfolio and praised GreenStone for its thorough loan analysis and willingness to make use of FSA programs. Brad Pfaff, the state executive director, thanked GreenStone for its partnership with FSA and noted that its relationship with FSA serves as an example for other Farm Credit organizations.

In addition to GreenStone's involvement with guarantee loans, employees have worked with customers to take advantage of special loan programs and works closely with local FSA offices providing pertinent information to streamline the application process for our customers who seek direct loans from FSA.