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Snyder Gets Support from Agriculture
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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder recently visited the farm of Christine and Clay Crumbaugh and received support from the agriculture community.

Snyder Gets Support from Agriculture

In recognition of Gov. Rick Snyder's unerring support for the state's agriculture industry, his reelection today earned an unprecedented show of support from AgriPac, Michigan Farm Bureau's (MFB) political action committee. AgriPac traditionally withholds endorsements until after primary elections, but overwhelming support for Gov. Snyder among Farm Bureau members this year cleared the way for its strong, early show of support.

"In an unprecedented move at our annual meeting last December, one of our delegates stood up and offered a resolution that our AgriPac committee consider an early endorsement," said MFB President Wayne H. Wood, introducing Gov. Snyder to a gathering of hundreds of ag-industry stakeholders. "We've got a person here who recognizes the value of agriculture, and what a strong ambassador he's been."

The endorsement ensures MFB's commitment to encourage its considerable statewide membership to return Snyder to Lansing for a second four-year term.

"It means a lot that you have this degree of confidence in me. I believe you hired me to do a job, and you hired a good team to come with me," Gov. Snyder said to those gathered at the event. "It's been a good beginning, but let's keep going -- let's be relentless in the solution of problems. I want you to go out of here with a pride that we're reinventing Michigan in a positive way.

"I'm thankful and honored for these endorsements today, thank you. Now let's go back to work tomorrow with some special pride."

The endorsement was announced on Christine and Clay Crumbaugh's 3,000-acre crop farm in Gratiot County. In addition to being an active Farm Bureau member, event host Christine Crumbaugh sits on the board of directors of GreenStone Farm Credit Services, the farm lender that's also supporting the Snyder campaign.

"GreenStone's 23,000-plus members are counting on four more years with Governor Snyder," said GreenStone President and CEO Dave Armstrong. "Michigan's agriculture industry has flourished during the past four years due in part to his willingness to work with stakeholders in order to accomplish great things, and we look forward to continuing that collaboration for years to come."

Since taking office in January 2011, Snyder has demonstrated steadfast support for Michigan agriculture in several forms.

The first bills he signed into law codified the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) into state law, validating the integrity and effectiveness of the voluntary, industry-developed program that helps farmers minimize potential pollution risks on their farms. Snyder has championed the New International Trade Crossing—the second bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor—which promises increased access between Michigan farmers and Canada, their largest international trading partner.

"Michigan's farmers have a powerful ally in the governor's office," said Matt Kapp, MFB's government relations specialist. "He balances budgets and balances the simultaneous need for private-sector prosperity and sound, common-sense regulation. Looking forward to the next four years, our farmers will continue to look for Gov. Snyder's support for infrastructure improvements, immigration and taxation reform."

Gov. Snyder frequently cites the prosperity and growth of Michigan agriculture as a bright spot in the state's comeback, including a 16-percent jump in agricultural exports to other countries in just the past year.

According to an ongoing study by the Michigan State University Product Center, Michigan's farm, food, fiber and renewable fuel sector annually contributes approximately $96 billion to the state's economy and employs more than 20 percent of the state's workforce.

Representing the interests of more than 48,000 farmer members and 67 county-level Farm Bureaus, MFB is the Michigan's largest farm organization; AgriPac is its non-partisan political action committee.

​Gov. Snyder (center) poses for a photo with GreenStone board members (left to right): chairman Scott Roggenbuck, Ron Lucas, Christine Crumbaugh, Darl Evers, Laura Braun and Gil Ritter.