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July 21
Intern Insights: Interns in the Field

​By: Megan Hughes

One of my favorite parts of my internship here at GreenStone is how often I am able to get out of the office and go on farm visits. These visits complement the work I do in the office by exposing me to other facets of the lending process and helping to further develop my knowledge of the agriculture industry. I have had the opportunity to visit three dairies so far. 
Megan Hughes_17.jpg

The first was on a call with Brent Spencer where we visited a client to see how their home construction project was going, and to see a recently completed barn expansion. Here, I was able to see what a financial services officer might do on a typical call. This experience helped me to understand the value of what we do here at GreenStone. We help our clients to achieve their goals, and that is something that I wouldn’t normally get to see when I am working on financials at the office.​

The second visit was part of Intro to Branch Delivery, a new hire training and development day. In the morning, my group met at the St. Johns branch. While there, the staff of the branch gave a presentation on the roles they play at GreenStone, a little background of GreenStone, and the basic principles of the lending process. In the afternoon, we visited a large dairy nearby. This was particularly exciting because they have a rotary milking parlor. I grew up on a seed farm, so I have very little experience with the dairy industry. The tour of this operation helped provide me with a greater understanding of how dairies operate, which would’ve been hard for me to pick up otherwise.

The final visit that I would like to talk about is probably my favorite so far. The other two commercial lending unit interns and I are working on a peer comparison project. I have spent a few days working out of the Caro branch as that is part of my territory. There, I met Amanda Ruggles, one of the associate appraisers, and she invited me to shadow her on a real estate appraisal for a dairy within the region. It rained the whole morning that we were inspecting the operation. We took measurements of buildings and improvements, and more photos than I can count. The owner of the farm gave us a ride on the Gator around the property and answered any questions that we had, about the land, improvement, and the operation in general. I enjoyed the experience because I got to meet one of the farmers whose file I work on. Once again, this helped me to see the impact that my work at GreenStone has on the agricultural community.​

Megan Hughes is a credit intern with GreenStone.


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