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August 03
Intern Insights: In the Field

By: Annah Horack​

I was beyond excited when I was offered the graphic design internship in the marketing department of GreenStone!


Towards the end of the school semester, I began to look for employment in the surrounding area. The past few summers, I worked at Farm Bureau Insurance in the commercial processing department. I enjoyed the people I worked with and what I did, but I wanted to find something related more closely to my field. I stumbled upon GreenStone and saw there was an opening for a graphic design intern in the marketing department. I thought, how perfect! This opportunity would be in my field, allow me to commute from home and give me the chance to work for a new company where I could gain more experience to carry with me into my senior year at Central Michigan University and beyond.

Prior to my interest in the position, GreenStone was always just a building I passed on my way to Eastwood Towne Center or a sign I would see here and there. I never really knew much about the company or what it provided to customers. Branding and design wise, I was familiar with the logo from seeing it in different advertisements and promotional items. However, I was interested to learn more and expand my horizon so I decided to send in my resume. With a few interviews and endless amounts of hope, I landed the job!

I am from the small town of Fowler, about half an hour northwest of the corporate office in East Lansing. Being raised and growing up in a rural community is what gave me the agriculture background I have today. This fall I will begin my senior year at Central Michigan University, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design, as well as a minor in art history. I have been studying art and design since my sophomore year of high school – and have loved it ever since! I am looking forward to graduating next spring.

So far through my internship, I have been able to dive in head-first. Not only with design, but also working with different employees and branches to ensure the best possible product is being created. I am beginning to learn, familiarize, and apply the GreenStone brand, logo, and design standards to different projects; including digital and print advertisements. In addition to having the opportunity to collaborate and explore different mediums and outcomes of print material. One of the main projects I am developing is a brand style guideline for GreenStone, which will communicate brand and logo guidelines and usage standards. So far, I have really enjoyed my coworkers, projects and enhancing myself as an artist and employee!


Although I am not pursing a degree in agriculture, I feel as though it is rooted in my being. The work ethic and determination of farmers and GreenStone’s employees is a characteristic I have the upmost respect for. I hope to possess dedication in all my future endeavors. I look forward to the remainder of my summer with GreenStone!

And, Fire Up Chips!​



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