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September 19
Proud Supporter: Fulton Public Schools Greenhouse and Aquaponics Project

​By: Jennifer Whitford, finanical services officer at GreenStone's Alma branch

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Our GreenStone branch is a proud supporter of the Fulton Public Schools project where one teacher is going above and beyond getting students involved in hands-on, agricultural learning experiences.

Jeremy Winsor, a life science teacher at Fulton High School, started an in-class aquaponics program that has now grown to need a larger home. Aquaponics is the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture, meaning the waste produced by the fish in the system feeds the nutrients to the plants being grown hydroponically. Winsor started the current campaign to raise money for the construction of a greenhouse. This building will hold the aquaponics system, as well as create a classroom space for other horticulture programs, with hopes of expanding curriculum through all levels of the Fulton School District.

This project is especially exciting to me personally because of the opportunities it will create for the students passing through the greenhouse. I have been involved in agriculture my entire life and digging in the dirt could sometimes be taken for granted. For a small community school to give students a unique learning opportunity to take with them and help shape their high school experience is priceless.

The project is moving along quickly. When we recently spoke, Winsor said:

“In June we reached full funding due to a number of last minute donations. This past July, the school board approved the use of money from the sinking fund for the construction of a slab foundation with two inch brick side walls. That portion of the structure was completed the middle part of August. We ordered the prefabricated building last month and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. We are hoping to have construction complete by the end of September. Thank you again for your support of this project. I am amazed by the community support and donations that we have received.” 

Long-term goals for the greenhouse and aquaponics program include potentially obtaining a license to sell the fish for either food or pond stocking. In addition, the greenhouse will allow for more varieties of crops to be grown, harvested and potentially sold. Winsor also hopes to bring an agriscience curriculum and FFA program back to Fulton Schools after a 20 plus year absence. 

If the students only take the experience with them as a memory, or if it creates an environment that sparks a new interest in learning, I feel it’s fully worth the investment in the future of our workforce.

Interested in getting involved or learning more? Contact Jeremy Winsor at winsorje@fultonpirates.net​ or Fulton Public Schools at 989-236-7232. Also, be sure to visit Winsor’s school page at www.fultonpirates.net/page/837 and look for updates on the Fulton High School’s Facebook page​



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