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July 02
Track Your Way to Success

The High Five for Wellness Program launched a pilot program in late February at the East Lansing, Michigan office called Weight Loss Warriors. Weight Loss Warriors is a program that I designed to encourage and support employee’s weight loss goals. Employees enrolled in the group meet every two weeks and weigh-in every month. This is not a diet program as participants can eat whatever they want; however the group does operate under the guideline that calories in must be less than calories out. To accomplish this, the program highly recommends a healthy/balanced diet and regular exercise.Members of the group track calories and physical activity levels to be able to better manage their calories. Tracking is one of the best methods to gain a cognitive perception of how to break self-defeating habits. Members also learn about nutrition, fitness, and motivation. 
A side from tracking being highly recommended by professionals, I learned first-hand how tracking could give me a kick start. It began in college when I decided I wanted to get rid of the “freshman 15”. It was a dreaded process; I knew I was overweight and my body had changed for the worst. So I decided to take action and committed to doing the following:

  1. Get support from friends and family
  2. Gain awareness of my behaviors
  3. Track all eating and physical activity
  4. Get moving, exercise every day
  5. Eat nutritionally and in moderation
  6. Set reasonable goals and be kind to myself
It was not easy; however these things lead to my weight loss success then and once again several years later. Tracking allows you to identify your behavior and to modify when necessary. It also attributes to the true realization of what you’re eating and how much you’re burning off.  Members of the Weight Loss Warrior group who regularly use a tracking mechanism have had grand success with progressing toward their goals. I tell every member “you will get out of it what you put into it” and tracking allows you to blatantly see what you’re putting in and burning off. There are several free tracking programs available online or on mobile application. Weight Loss Warriors recommends www.loseit.com, however similar programs such as www.fitday.com are equally as useful.  An alternative low tech strategy is to simply keep a paper journal.
The Weight Loss Warrior’s members who have stayed committed have lost on average 4 lbs. per month and as a whole the group has lost well over 200 lbs. since March. They are proving that they are strong enough to reach their goals and will reap the reward of improving the quality of their lives. I am so proud of them for sticking to it!
It’s easier than you think and today is the perfect day to start. Try tracking this week and then adopt my other five actions to kick start your own health and wellness routine. If I could do it and other GreenStone employees are doing it so can you!



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