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August 10
Intern Insights: Learning Through Work

​By: Jake Gorter

Before joining GreenStone as a credit intern, my experience in agriculture was limited to a basic understanding of commodity futures markets and a couple of macroeconomics classes.​

Jake Gorter_17.jpg

Since then, however, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that have opened my eyes to how farms actually operate. The major one I’m a part of this summer is a peer comparison. For this, we collect data on dairy operations, greenhouses and row crop farms from throughout GreenStone's territory and then input the information into spreadsheets in order to track each industry’s trends. Through this, I am exposed to more and more of the agricultural industry on a daily basis. As I read through the various documents we use to gather the information, I’m constantly gaining insight as to how these farms grow and generate cash flow.

In addition to learning about agriculture, the peer comparison has given me valuable experience in working with and interpreting large data sets. This summer, we have added almost 200 operations to the comparison and this has helped me understand the back end of the project. In the coming weeks, I will begin interpreting the data and condensing it into an easy to read format. The goal of the peer comparison is to provide analysts with a valuable tool to measure customers’ performance against similar operations. 

Aside from working at my desk, I’ve also had the chance to get out of the office and ride along with GreenStone appraisers and crop insurance specialists on farm visits. This has been a particularly valuable and interesting experience for me since before this summer, I had stepped foot on very few farms. Throughout the rest of my internship, I look forward to gaining more experience in the industry!​​

Jake Gorter is a credit intern with GreenStone.



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