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October 06
What 4-H means to me: Rebecca Fischer

​In the spirit of National 4-H week, we have asked some GreenStone team members to share their experience in 4-H, either as a member, a parent or a volunteer. As you read in their stories this week, it is evident 4-H has a positive impact on many people in many different ways!

4H week.png

Growing up, I never belonged to a 4-H club, I did however go to school with several good friends that belonged to different clubs in my community and I found the whole experience to be very interesting. When I met my husband, he was a dairy farmer and although he was never involved in 4-H directly, he helped out a local club when it came time for the county fair, through different projects and setting things up for animals to be shown.

Fast forward a few years after getting married and bringing two children into the world, one day my daughter, Rachel, came home with a sheet of paper about a “Fun Day” being offered by our local county’s 4-H Leaders Council. My daughter was very excited about this and wanted to go and see what it was all about. My son, Jacob, at the time was excited about the idea too, but was unsure that he was ready to take the leap of joining in on a group activity. I will never forget that day as long as I live, both of my children were so very excited about the projects and activities that 4-H had to offer, and they were super excited to be getting started as Cloverbuds.  

We signed up for our local club that very day and almost 8 years later we have never looked back. My children Rachel and Jacob both belong to the Sunset Lake club and we have the bragging rights of being one of the largest in our county. Over the years, I have witnessed my children participate in many activities with this club, they have flourished as young people, and have learned countless life skills as a result of being members. They have taken several projects to our county fair, and in every one of those there was a lesson learned. This group has built up their self-esteem and confidence more than I ever could as a parent and for that I will forever be grateful.  ​

As the mother of these two, I am also currently a leader for our club as well as holding a seat on the 4-H Leaders’ Council. I have very much enjoyed my direct experience and watching all of these young people discover talents they maybe didn’t even realize they possessed. I enjoy being a leader because it gives me the opportunity to be a part of the planning process, and also a chance to work with the youth to come up with fun activities to keep our members' interest.  

Being part of the Leaders’ Council has also been a priceless experience for me, this is where I have really gained knowledge of 4-H and the awesome opportunities it offers to young people. The chance to travel, explore, and experience life first-hand. I have sat in on interviews with the teens and “tweens” of 4-H and I am truly amazed at the confidence and self-esteem these young people have to stand in front of a panel of judges and carry on great conversations about why they would be right for the trip or award that they have applied for.  

The best part of 4-H is the memories made and the experiences gained from it. This was printed on the back of a t-shirt that was given to my son this year and it pretty accurately sums up my feelings:

“4-H is about more than the ribbons and awards, it’s about the people, the experiences, the life-long skills, the memories, the county fair. It’s about being a role model, giving back, and making the best better.” 

Rebecca and her family are active with the Calumet County 4-H program. She is a senior crop insurance technician at the GreenStone branch in Little Chute.​


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