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Grant Announcement for Community Harvest and Wood Use Demonstration
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Proposals for the $20,000 grant are due March 17, 2017.

$20,000 Grant Available for Michigan Community Harvesting and Wood Use Demonstration

The emerald ash borer (EAB) has killed millions of ash trees in Michigan and neighboring states, creating an enormous added burden on communities already facing difficulties in managing urban forests.  Under increasingly tight budgets, public tree care programs struggle with the costs of removing, handling, and disposing of wood from urban forests.   
The Sustainable Resources Alliance (or SRA, previously known as the Southeast Michigan Resource Conservation and Development Council) has been working since 2004 to help communities and businesses to safely find economic value in EAB-affected ash and other removed urban trees. At this time, SRA is accepting proposals from communities or organizations interested in conducting a demonstration of sustainable harvesting and wood use in urban forests. 
The project aims to create a model for value-added wood recycling that conserves resources, reduces costs for public tree care, and develops partnerships between the public and private sector.  

A single $20,000 grant will be awarded to the selected community or land management organization.  At least $20,000 in matching contributions is required in the form of cash or in-kind services toward project expenditures. Proposals should be submitted by March 17, 2017 to be considered for funding.  The funded project will follow a tight timeline, with activities completed by late summer 2017.  

The Sustainable Resources Alliance is offering this grant in partnership with Recycle Ann Arbor’s Urbanwood Project and the multi-state Bringing Urban Forestry Full Circle grant project. Funding for this grant is from the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry Landscape Scale Restoration Grant Program.

The complete application materials may be found at:



Jessica Simons
Consultant/Project Manager
Verdant Stewardship, LLC
On behalf of:
Sustainable Resources Alliance
PO Box 2176
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-2176
Cell: 517-851-2372
Email: jessica.simons@semircd.org

The Urbanwood Project: http://urbanwood.org
Find Firewood in Michigan: http://firewoodscout.org
Michigan Wood Energy: http://michiganwoodenergy.org
Beyond EAB - Ash Utilization Options: http://semircd.org/ash​