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MSPC Declares March Grain Elevator Appreciation Month
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MSPC recognizes the nearly 120 Michigan grain elevators during the month of March.

MSPC Declares March Grain Elevator Appreciation Month​

Source: ​The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee​

The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee (MSPC) has named March Grain Elevator Appreciation Month. The month marks an annual opportunity to recognize the nearly 120 grain elevators in Michigan that collect and remit the soybean checkoff assessment each month.

“These elevators have been cooperating with the soybean checkoff program since Michigan’s program began in 1976,” said Andy Welden of Jonesville, president of the farmer board that guides the program. “That’s nearly 40 years of helping us maximize profit opportunities.” He notes that Michigan’s average yield of 44 bushels per acre has doubled since the checkoff began.

The national soybean checkoff program, which began in 1991, develops new uses for soybeans, including soy biodiesel. The program funds research to increase yields and protect the crop from stresses such as aphids, soybean cyst nematodes and white mold. It played an important role in helping sequence the soybean genome and accelerated the availability of high-oleic soybeans.

“The progress that research makes possible is critically important as the world population’s need for protein will increase by 50 percent by 2030,” says farmer James Domagalski of Columbus, Michigan, one of the state’s three representatives to the United Soybean Board. 

“Without the cooperation from grain elevators, the soybean checkoff program would be difficult to implement,” said Kathy Maurer, financial and international marketing director for MSPC. “The staffs of elevators are important to our soybean program, and we take the opportunity to thank them during Grain Elevator Appreciation Month.”

About MSPC 
The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee manages soybean checkoff funds to increase return on investment for Michigan soybean farmers while enhancing sustainable soybean production. A board of farmer-leaders directs MSPC on behalf of the more than 10,000 Michigan soybean farmers. For information about soybean checkoff results, call 989.652.3294 or visit www.michigansoybean.org​.