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Mich. House Announces Committees - Barrett to Chair Agriculture
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House of Representatives leadership recently announced committee assignments for the 99th session of the Michigan Legislature.

Source: Michigan Farm News

Michigan House Announces Committees - Barrett to Chair Agriculture

House of Representatives leadership recently announced committee assignments for the 99th session of the Michigan Legislature. Selected to chair the chamber’s agriculture committee is Rep. Tom Barrett (R-Potterville). The House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee will be led by Rep. Roger Victory (R-Hudsonville).

“Our members should be proud of the work they did to successfully elect Friends of Agriculture this past November that are now bringing their expertise to a variety of committees important to the food and agriculture industry and the state’s economy,” said Matt Smego, Michigan Farm Bureau Government Relations Department manager. “We look forward to working with both new and returning legislators on behalf of our organization’s member-developed policy.”

Following are committee assignments of primary interest to Michigan Farm Bureau (all House committees). No changes are anticipated in the Michigan Senate committees: Sen. Joe Hune and Sen. Mike Green will continue serving as chairs of the Senate Agriculture Committee and Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, respectively.

Republican: Chair Tom Barrett, Vice Chair Julie Alexander, Thomas Albert, Julie Calley, Ben Frederick, Gary Howell, Dan Lauwers
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Brian Elder, John Kivela, Phil Phelps, Terry Sabo, Tim Sneller

Appropriations (Agriculture and Rural Development Subcommittee)
Republican: Chair Roger Victory, Vice Chair Mary Whiteford, Kim LaSata, Dave Pagel
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Jon Hoadley, David LaGrand

Education Reform
Republican: Chair Tim Kelly, Vice Chair Pamela Hornberger, Julie Alexander, Kathy Crawford, Daniela Garcia, Beth Griffin, Jim Lilly, Jeff Noble, John Reilly, Brett Roberts
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Adam Zemke, Winnie Brinks, Darrin Camilleri, Stephanie Chang, William Sowerby

Energy Policy
Republican: Chair Gary Glenn, Vice Chair Roger Hauck, Tom Barrett, Joseph Bellino, Triston Cole, Diana Farrington, Beth Griffin, Steve Johnson, Beau LaFave, James Lower, John Reilly, Jim Tedder
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Donna Lasinski, Darrin Camilleri, Scott Dianda, Brian Elder, LaTanya Garrett, Patrick Green, John Kivela

Local Government
Republican: Chair James Lower, Vice Chair Kathy Crawford, Julie Alexander, Ben Frederick, Roger Hauck, Gary Howell, Jim Runestad
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Patrick Green, Jim Ellison, Jeremy Moss, Terry Sabo

Michigan Competitiveness
Republican: Chair Lee Chatfield, Vice Chair Jim Lilly, Triston Cole, Daire Rendon, Hank Vaupel, Jason Wentworth
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Erika Geiss, Abdullah Hammoud, Sheldon Neeley

Natural Resources
Republican: Chair Gary Howell, Vice Chair Beau LaFave, Joseph Bellino, David Maturen, Daire Rendon, Curt VanderWall
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair John Kivela, Stephanie Chang, William Sowerby

Regulatory Reform
Republican: Chair Brandt Iden, Vice Chair Joseph Bellino, Kathy Crawford, Beth Griffin, Roger Hauck, Hoitenga, Eric Leutheuser, John Reilly, Lana Theis, Michael Webber
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Jeremy Moss, John Chirkun, Scott Dianda, Jewell Jones, Frank Liberati, Leslie Love

Tax Policy
Republican: Chair Tedder, Vice Chair David Maturen, Martin Howrylak, Johnson, S., Bronna Kahle, Klint Kesto, James Lower, Peter Lucido, Hank Vaupel
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Wendell Byrd, Jim Ellison, Abdullah Hammoud, Sheldon Neeley

Transportation and Infrastructure
Republican: Chair Triston Cole, Vice Chair Michael Webber, Julie Alexander, Julie Calley, Gary Howell, Peter Lucido, David Maturen, Jeff Noble, Brett Roberts
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair John Chirkun, Brian Banks, Cara Clemente, Leslie Love, Tim Sneller

Workforce and Talent Development
Republican: Chair Ben Frederick, Vice Chair Bronna Kahle, Kathy Crawford, Brandt Iden, Eric Leutheuser, Jason Wentworth
Democrat: Minority Vice Chair Leslie Love, Erika Geiss, Bettie Scott