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Mutual Goals with WI Hunting Advocates
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WI’s farmers and sportsmen share some things in common. Hunting and agricultural groups recently met to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Via: Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Ag Groups Talk Mutual Goals with Hunting Advocates

Contact: Jeff Lyon (608) 828-5713

MADISON – Wisconsin’s farmers and sportsmen share some things in common. Their industries are steeped in the Wisconsin’s heritage and are vital to the state’s economy. They also find themselves at odds with the same activists groups in today’s political arena. That commonality might lead to a new alliance as a number of Wisconsin hunting and agricultural groups met last week in Madison to discuss issues or mutual concern.

“We share some similar positions on issues ranging from animal welfare to land use to water regulations, therefore it makes sense for us to join the forces of our grassroots memberships whenever possible,” said Jeff Lyon, Governmental Relations Director for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

Others who attended the meeting agreed.

“This could be the beginning of something very big.  We found that we share a lot of interests and if we work together, we could accomplish a lot,” said Terry Quam, Legislative Chairman of the Wisconsin Cattlemen.

“We were extremely encouraged by the common thinking that we all share, sort of a rural values way of looking at the world,” added Greg Kazmierski, Dairyland Chairman for the Wisconsin Chapters of Safari Club International (SCI).

“Farmers and hunters are both under constant attack from animal rights extremists,” said Bob Oleson, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.  “We will need to stick together in these fights or risk being defeated a little at a time.”

“We are well aware that most of our hunting land is private farmland,” said Wisconsin bow hunter Ron Kulas.  “We have a real stake in making sure that Wisconsin farmers are successful so that land stays in farming, and remains accessible to hunters who respect farmers and the land.”

A follow-up meeting of the farming and hunting grassroots organizations is in the works. Representatives of the following groups were at the Aug. 24 meeting: Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Alliance, the Wisconsin Bow Hunters’ Alliance, Safari Club International (SCI), U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, Wisconsin State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, National Rifle Association, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association, Wisconsin Pork Producers Association, Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers, Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association, Dairy Business Association, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and Wisconsin Farmers Union.