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Fall Safety Tips
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Fall is the perfect time for yard cleanup and preparing for the cold winter, but it is also important to remember to stay safe

Fall Safety Tips

Axe Safety 

Selecting the appropriate axe is a good place to start! For males, the ideal handle is typically around 30 inches and weighs about three pounds; females often require an axe approximately two pounds with a slightly shorter handle.

Caution on Ladders 

Choose a ladder that is the proper length to reach the needed working height is important to avoid injury. Wear appropriate footwear; wet boots or shoes can increase your risk of slipping. Place the ladder away from electrical wires or other obstructions and on a flat surface; avoid ground that is bumpy, muddy or soft. 

Fallen Leaves 

Keep your driveway and walkway clear of fallen leaves. Wet leaves can make the sidewalk slippery, and later in the season, snow may mix and increase this risk. 

Pruning Trees 

Before you begin trimming the trees in your yard, be sure to look up and survey the area carefully. Pay attention to where power lines are located and double check the limbs you cut will not interfere.

Outdoor Decorations

Prior to adding festive décor to your house this holiday season, inspect all lights, decorations, and cords for damage. Avoid overloading electrical outlets, and remember to turn off all decorations before leaving the home or going to sleep to avoid fires.