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How Does Your Garden Grow?
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To grow your garden to its fullest potential, it is important to consider elements of design and proper methods of care.

Source: Spring 2011 Country Minute News Letter

How Does Your Garden Grow

A lush flower garden can add color, dimension and life to any landscape.With the proper planning and maintenance, a welldesigned garden can enhance the beauty of your home and provide an enjoyable and rewarding hobby during the warmer seasons. To grow your garden to its fullest potential, it is important to consider elements of design and propermethods of care.

Designing the layout of your garden before planting will give you an idea of what type and quantity of plants your landscape will require. It is important to evaluate how different flowers will look when they bloom, taking into consideration how tall and wide they are expected grow. Providing each plant with enough space will allow maximum visibility and reduce clutter.

When determining which flowers will best fit with your landscaping vision, it is important to be aware that different plants have different needs. Some flowers require direct sunlight while others grow best in the shade. Flowers can also be considered high maintenance, demanding a considerable amount of time and energy, where others are low maintenance. It is up to you to determine the amount of time you wish to commit to sustaining your garden and what growing conditions are best supported by your yard.

Once you’ve made your flower selection, it is time to determine which soils and fertilizers to purchase. Choosing the wrong soils or fertilizers can seriously limit your garden’s potential.Your local nursery should be able to provide advice regarding which products will work best with your flowers.

After the flowers are planted, your focus can shift to garden maintenance. Watering and weeding are critical to your garden’s success.Watering frequency can vary, however as a general guideline, most plants at minimum require water twice per day. It is also important to remove weeds on a regular basis so they do not overtake the garden and kill the plants. If you are unsure about a garden product or technique, seek advice of an expert.