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Smartphone Security
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Our smartphones contain a lot of personal information. Treat your phone like you would a purse or wallet to keep your information secure.

Source: GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Smartphone Security

Treat your smartphone like it is your purse or wallet by keeping it organized and being mindful of what you store in it. 

Always use a passcode to secure your phone; this will keep unwanted hands from gaining access to your personal information.

Turn on the “Find My Phone” feature for Apple devices or download a similar application for Android devices. These applications allow you to track your device and wipe its content if it is permanently lost or stolen, preventing anyone else from accessing any private information stored on your phone. Using strong passwords for your Apple or Google accounts will help secure this feature. 

If you misplace your smartphone, treat the search process with the same urgency as you would your purse or wallet. 

Also consider what credit card numbers or other information might be cached on your lost smartphone and take appropriate action such as calling your bank to have new cards issued.