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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home
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​All signs point to spring! With this comes the dreaded cleaning deeds we inevitably face. To make spring cleaning and de-cluttering your home a little less painful, follow these tips and tricks.

Handy Cleaning Kit
Combining these items in a cleaning bucket to allow you to easily carry your supplies throughout the house: all-purpose and glass-cleaning spray, sponge, toothbrush, squeegee, scrub brush, and terry-cloth towels.

Wash Your Blinds
The warmer weather of spring is the perfect time to wash aluminum blinds outdoors by placing them on an old sheet on a slanted surface and then scrubbing with a mix of water and noncorrosive cleaner. Use a garden hose to rinse and dry the blinds thoroughly with a towel to prevent rust. For wooden blinds, wipe with a few drops of gentle wood cleaner on a nearly dry sponge.

Deep-Clean Carpets and Rugs
If the carpets need a thorough cleaning, consider renting a shampooer, and remove traces of soap using hot water. Open the windows and let the air flow through to dry the carpets and freshen the house air after a long winter. 

Entryway Organization
To remove the clutter and also add some décor to your entryway, wooden shutters are perfect for tucking invitations and mail, displaying artwork or hanging a message pad. Another option is to find a convenient spot to hang a bulletin board with an attached magnetic strip, which will turn it into something more fun than just messages.

Broom Closet Organizer
Keep your closet tidy with hooks and clips. Screw them on the inside walls to secure your broom, dustpan, mop and duster in place. To avoid getting a bulky toolbox out for quick repairs, do the same with tools on the inside of the door.

Furniture Moving Tricks
To avoid scuffed floors while scrubbing behind heavy pieces of furniture, fold two clean towels, place one under each end to more easily slide the piece across the floor.

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