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Wi-Fi to the Barn, Shop or Field
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​Wi-Fi to the Barn, Shop or Field

With the increase in precision agriculture equipment needing Internet connectivity, a common question we hear is “How do I get wireless Internet access out to my barn, shop, or field?”

One cost effective solution for this problem is using wireless point-to-point range extenders. These wireless range extenders simply lengthen the range of an existing wireless network. Strategically placed range extenders can also allow for the signal area to reach around or through large barriers such as L-shaped buildings. The extenders require line of sight, but alignment is convenient as it pivots on a ball joint for easy alignment. The extenders are small enough to easily blend into the background and can be mounted to poles or walls. The point-to-point devices are rugged and will operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 158° F.

The cornerstone of any wireless network, or Wi-Fi as it is commonly known, is an access point. The access point’s primary job is to broadcast a wireless signal that computers and devices can detect. By installing point-to-point extenders, you can create multiple access points.  These access points, or hotspots, have a range of about a 66 foot radius indoors and a greater range outdoors. Hotspot coverage can also be enhanced by using multiple overlapping access points.

GreenStone’s new Customer IT Services is a great resource for those customers in the service area to get assistance in designing and installing these point-to-point extenders. Give us a call to see how we might be able to assist you with your internet connectivity needs.