New Legislation Allows Commercial Vehicles to Support Ag Industry
Photo of people standing behind Governor Rick Snyder at ceremonial bill signing.

Since 2001, Michigan residents have been able to show their agriculture pride on their vehicles through the specialized Agricultural Heritage Plate. Thanks to recently passed legislation, more drivers can now utilize the plates on their vehicles.

In December, a ceremonial bill signing was held granting the expanded use of the plates to all vehicles, regardless of purpose. This action allows commercial vehicles, including company-owned vehicles, to use the Agricultural Heritage Plate.

“The Ag Heritage Plates have been a great way for people to show their passion for agriculture and the FFA,” says Melissa Rogers, past chair of the Michigan FFA Foundation board of directors and vice president of marketing and public relations for GreenStone. “We are pleased to see the extension of the license plate to allow more people the opportunity to show their support for an important industry.”

The special plates provide funding for FFA programs and scholarships, generating over $600,000 in sales in the past 17 years. A portion of the $35 plate fee is passed on to the FFA Foundation. The legislation expanding the use of the plate goes into effect on February 2, 2019.

“GreenStone has been an avid supporter of the FFA and our involvement on the Michigan FFA Foundation board of directors allows us to make an impact in even more ways. We are proud to continue to work alongside the FFA to generate interest in the Ag Heritage plate,” Melissa says.

If you are interested in purchasing an Ag Heritage Plate, click here or visit a Michigan Secretary of State near you.


Ag Heritage License Plate Sign with words FFA on it





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