PAC Progress: The Stories Told of Rural Communities and Agriculture
Pillars of Government Building Looking Up

The stories told of rural communities and agriculture are building a foundation for legislative support in the upcoming legislative sessions. GreenStone continues to reach out to legislators and partner with other similarly minded agricultural organizations on legislative matters. The focus is on ensuring the future of rural communities and agriculture, and the Farm Credit System is bright. Communicating this is an important responsibility of all members and it is built through the ongoing, positive and open conversations.

At the state level, in Michigan and Wisconsin, over 20 meetings have taken place with state Senators and Representatives at the capitol or out in the districts. The majority of the meetings have focused on connecting GreenStone members and employees to the elected officials.  In addition, the depth of expertise and care of Farm Credit members and lenders has been demonstrated.

The Farm Credit PAC continues to support federal elected legislators both in Michigan and Wisconsin. Over 20 meetings have taken place with Senators and Representatives this year, both in state and in Washington D.C. The discussion has centered around the Farm Bill and the need for it to provide a level of certainty for farmers. Legislators recognize the importance of having a current Farm Bill because it could hamper the economic engine of agriculture. This significant impact is recognized, and is why urban and rural legislators are engaged to understand the issues of agriculture. Our elected officials continue to express deep appreciation for support and recognize the great responsibility of representing rural communities and agriculture. They trust the relationships being built, and know that GreenStone can and will provide reliable grassroots information and resources. None of this could be done successfully without active engagement; your involvement is encouraged. Thank you for helping build the voice of rural communities and agriculture!

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