PAC Progress: The Election Year is Ramping Up

The Federal legislative environment is actively involved in a variety of topics, including agricultural policy. The Farm Bill reauthorization, immigration, and trade, to name a few. Farm Credit remains dedicated to advocating for the interests of our rural communities and agriculture on these issues and more. As congress continues working, we remain hopeful of workable solutions in the future.


The success of the MI GreenStone PAC patronage campaign was followed by deliberation on the recommendations for MI GreenStone PAC disbursements. It was completed in April by the board of directors with perspective from Kelley Cawthorne and the legislative outreach team at GreenStone. In all, 35 individuals were identified to be recipients of funds based on their agriculture background, commitment to growing Michigan’s agriculture economy and rural communities, and leadership in the Michigan legislature. Delivery of the funds has begun and some of the MI GreenStone PAC checks will be delivered in the branch offices to help establish in-district relationships.


In Wisconsin, the second year of the WI Farm Credit PAC contribution drive showed continued support from members. This is allows the Wisconsin Farm Credit associations to collaborate and decide what legislators to support with PAC funds. Focus has been placed on legislators who have led policy efforts that are priorities for the Wisconsin Farm Credit legislative committee and understand the needs of our Wisconsin rural communities. Most of the check deliveries will take place in branch offices and we look forward to inviting members to participate.


The Farm Credit PAC has also been delivering contributions to federally elected legislators both state-side and in Washington, D.C. GreenStone continues to be recognized as a leader in its efforts to support elected officials with information and connections, and it has resulted in strong and positive recognitions of Michigan and Wisconsin agriculture and Farm Credit.


We look forward to another successful year in relationship building. But, without your support, we would not be able to have as positive of an impact. We commend you for your initiative and thank you for being a champion of rural communities and agriculture.

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