Summer Lawn Care Tips

The sun is shining and temperatures are rising. What can be the most anticipated time of year for some is often a burden for your lawn. Keep reading as we dive into the best tips for grooming a beautiful and healthy lawn this summer!


Water heavily, but not too often

The way you water the grass makes a huge difference in the way it looks. You might think since the weather is hot and sometimes dry, you should water the grass frequently. This is often untrue! Watering heavily, but not often is the best way of ensuring your lawn looks healthy and beautifully green. It is also encouraged to water during the morning or evening, so the direct-sunlight will not steal the moisture.


Just a little off the top, not too short on the sides

This phrase applies to more than men’s haircuts, it applies to mowing the lawn as well. Many think the best mowing practice means cutting it short, so you do not have to mow as often. This is also false! Cutting the grass too short allows the sun to more easily take moisture from the soil, making both the soil and grass less healthy. Longer blades of grass also creates more opportunity for light absorption, making for healthier soil, roots and consequently healthier grass.


No weeds, no problems

Unfortunately, weeds are inevitable. In fact, they are nature’s semi-unwanted gift to us all due to the fact nature so kindly provides us weeds to areas that are often plant-less. What is even more unfortunate, they steal the nutrients right from under the grip of the plants you work so hard to nurture. This is why it is important to make an effort of ridding the weeds in your lawn and landscaping. Doing so will eliminate the spread of more weeds and bring the life back to the plants you want. Be sure not to over-weed, however. Yes, there is such thing. It is often seen as beneficial to churn up ground with lots of weeds, seemingly ridding the area of the leafy pests. However, weed seeds are absolutely everywhere in soil, and churning up the ground will only bring the deeper seeds to the surface allowing them to get more nutrients from sunshine.




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