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GS 2020 summer interns on a computer screen
As GreenStone’s 2020 intern class traded in their work laptops and company badges for college textbooks and homework, they took essential skills with them. These 20 interns were challenged with collaborating on group projects, strategic problem-solving, and time management while working remotely and adjusting to the new normal. 

Since May, these students with varying college majors and interests spent their time immersed in their teams via WebEx and phone calls, with the option to work in the office as the summer progressed. Ranging from incoming college sophomores to graduate students, for some, this internship was the first opportunity to work in a professional setting while for others, it was a steppingstone to greater opportunities in their career. 

Intern roles included preparing tax and accounting financial statements, analyzing credit summaries, appraising farm equipment and properties, filming and creating company videos, and carrying out many more significant tasks. 

In August, they put their public speaking skills to the test, ultimately presenting their summer projects and responsibilities during the internship final presentations. Embracing technology, they presented via a WebEx to the executive leadership team, their department team, and many other employees. The presentations ranged from discussing peer comparison reports to social media strategies, and greatly impressed all who attended the meeting. 

“The final presentation allowed me to share my internship experience and the skills that I gained throughout the past few months,” states public relations intern Sarah White. “I am humbled and grateful that I was able to present to my team and other employees!”  

Interns were also able to gain some essential practices through an online etiquette class earlier in the summer. This experience helped them create a memorable public image and to be ready to help build a company’s brand in their careers to come. The students learned the utmost polite ways to act on video calls, as well as, dining tips, such as never using your smartphone at the table. 

“I learned a ton of things that are never taught or mentioned in everyday life or a class. This class taught me valuable lessons that are crucial to being professional in the business world,” expresses the HR intern Erica Drobny. 

As the summer ended and GreenStone’s 2020 class of interns returned either to their campuses or personal laptops for online courses, it is apparent they are well-equipped for the next chapter. Although responsibilities vary, teamwork plays a pivotal and consistent role at GreenStone and the internship program is no exception. Multiple interns continually reiterated that although this internship experience was unique due to the current pandemic, supervisors and coworkers were repeatedly present to lend a helping hand and give some extra direction. 

“GreenStone has provided a very welcoming environment, and everybody has helped to make my time here the best that it can possibly be. I enjoy working at GreenStone because of the positive company culture and the way everybody is so encouraging,” summarized David Doyle, a Credit Intern.

Congratulations to the summer 2020 class of interns and best of luck on your future endeavors.
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