Be prepared – Prevented Plant or Replant
Storm rolling over soybean field

If weather conditions prevent you from planting or you need to replant a crop, you may qualify for a claim. File a claim with your crop insurance specialist before replanting. DO NOT replant until you have received approval to do so, or you may not receive an indemnity. If you have a prevent plant situation, a claim must be filed within 72 hours after the end of the late planting period, which varies by crop. (There is a minimum requirement of 20% of the unit or 20 acres for both replant and prevent plant claims, whichever is less.) Some important changes were made for the current crop year in regards to both Replant and Prevent Plant rules. Depending on the timing of the replant period, weather and field conditions, you could be required to replant.  


New Updates for 2021 Prevent Plan Claims

Planting season is here and Mother Nature is unpredictable. Be sure to understand the new Prevent Plant claim rules established for the 2021 row crop planting season. The important updates include:  


  • Expanded “1 in 4” requirement: acreage to be insured must have been planted to a crop, insured and harvested (or covered for an insured loss) at least one of four previous years   
  • Added exception allowing producer to receive prevent plant payment on different crop, if proven intent to plant other crop based on inputs applied or available to apply 
  • Extended use of producer’s intended acreage report to establish eligible prevented planting acres in a new county to two consecutive years (instead of previous rule of one year)  
  • Removed requirement for acreage planted to uninsured second crop following a failed first crop within the same crop year to be subtracted from prevented planting eligible acreage  


For more complete information about these important changes including frequently asked questions and examples, please visit, or contact your GreenStone crop insurance specialist. 


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