Benefits of Drinking Milk
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Have you ever thought about what good nutrients are in milk and what good things it does for your body? 


In our Spring Partners edition, we provided tips for drinking water regularly and how much you should consume in a day. Now, fresh off June which is recognized as dairy month, it’s good to look at milk and the value it can provide. 


Milk provides several health benefits not only to younger children, but also to adults. Milk can help protect your heart, build strong bones, prevent cancer, minimize depression, encourage weight loss and much more.


The Benefits:

The number one benefit of drinking milk, which most people already know, is that it builds very strong bones. Milk contains a lot of calcium, which is crucial for building stronger bones and teeth. Calcium is an important nutrient for the growth of all bones and muscles, which is why we encourage young people to drink more milk. 


Yet to enhance the longevity of strong bones throughout your life, drinking milk is good for the long run


Heart health is very important at any age, and studies show that drinking milk can help improve it. Milk is a great source of potassium, which can decrease blood pressure and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.


As recent studies have shown that calcium and vitamin D can protect against cancer, it may be even more important for our older population to consume more milk. Vitamin D can possibly play a big role in the decrease of cell growth. This research has been conducted using observational studies, so this can vary from person to person. If your family has a history with cancer, some researchers and doctors recommend you try this!


Not only does milk help with physical health benefits, but it has also been proven to help with mental health. Vitamin D levels support the production of serotonin, which can be a driver of sleep, mood swings, and your appetite. Without vitamin D, one’s hormone balance can suffer, which can lead to clinical depression and stress. It is proven that milk can be an energy booster and relieve negative feelings, so drinking milk may be the way to go!


Contrary to the misconception that milk can cause weight gain, studies that have shown that milk is a great way to lose or maintain your weight. The calcium and Vitamin D in milk help to burn calories and boost your metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Milk is also high in protein, which can help reduce hunger and discourage binge eating.


On top of these five important attributes to drinking milk, there are plenty of others, such as muscle growth and decrease of heartburn. Taking all these factors into consideration, it may be smart to think about how these positive health benefits can help yourself and those around you.


As we continue to work very closely with our dairy farms and show them appreciation, consider consuming more of this healthy beverage! 

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