Farm Leasing

Features & Benefits

Through our partners at Farm Credit Leasing, we offer our members the ability to lease their equipment, vehicles or facilities. For many, the option to lease provides significant advantages over owning as it can be an excellent way to reduce costs, improve cash flow, avoid equipment obsolescence, free up capital and maximize tax advantages. Agricultural farm equipment leasing solutions are available with a wide variety of terms and structures, customized to fit your individual needs.

Additionally, leasing is also an option for new buildings or other facilities. Using a lease to finance new buildings can accelerate appreciation and can also be useful when transitioning assets to the next generation. When looking to use a lease to purchase a building, it is best to have the lease in place prior to construction to ensure the best financing options. 

If you are considering using a lease to finance your next major purchase and you are in Michigan or northeast Wisconsin, contact one of our financial service officers to learn more about the financing tools available to best meet your needs.

Advantages to Leasing:

  • Spend Less for the Same Equipment - When you pay only a portion of the actual cost, you get the full value without paying full price.
  • Pay Nothing Down - Instead of a down payment, you only make the first lease payment, leaving you with cash for other parts of your business.
  • Reduce Your Maintenance Costs - By leasing equipment, you can update it regularly, helping to ensure you always have reliable, low-maintenance equipment.
  • Control Your Cash Flow - Match lease payment schedules to suit your needs – even if you have uneven cash flow patterns.
  • Improve Your Balance Sheet - With a farm operating lease, the equipment comes off your balance sheet and instead appears as an operating expense.
  • Create a New Lease Financing Source - A lease line allows you to respond quickly to new equipment needs and leave your other lines of credit available for other business uses.
  • Avoid Price Increases - Take advantage of the ability to lock in your costs over the life of the lease.

Farm Credit Leasing is offered through GreenStone, in partnership with CoBank, and is serviced by a dedicated, independent team of experts who understand your business and will help you find the structure that meets your objectives.