CultivateGrowth Educational Resources


Equip Yourself with Knowledge 

Agriculture is rapidly changing and can be a challenging field to maneuver as a young, beginning or small farmer. To compete in this ever-evolving industry, it’s crucial for producers to prioritize continued learning and have a strong understanding of sound business practices. As a leader in the agriculture community, we have a long-time mission of providing ongoing learning and are dedicated to providing educational opportunities to support new and small producers through our CultivateGrowth program.

Educational Opportunities

Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all and our diverse educational programs offer a number of different ways to meet each customer’s unique learning style. For more focused and individualized support, we offer peer and mentoring opportunities. To support the continued education and personal growth of young, beginning and small farmers, the cost of many of these educational opportunities may be offset or covered through GreenStone’s CultivateGrowth Grant.

  • Financial Training Courses
    • Farm Credit Course
    • Farm Credit Advanced Course
    • MSU Extension Farm Finance Course
  • Educational Conferences and Industry Events
    • Growing Together Conference
    • Great Lakes Fruit and Vegetable and Farm Market Expo
    • Great Lakes Crop Summit
    • Great Lakes Regional Dairy Expo
  • Industry-Focused Workshops
    • MSU Organic Famer Training Program
    • Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Course
    • Cornell Small Farms Program
  • Industry Consultations
    • Industry consultants advise farmers on improved methods of agriculture and operational practices such as farm management, crop rotation, soil conservation, livestock breeding and feeding, use of new machinery, marketing, etc.
  • GreenStone CultivateGrowth Conference
    • More information will be available as the event nears
  • Tax and Accounting Review
    • Meet with a GreenStone Tax and Accounting Specialist: Review tax and accounting financials with GreenStone specialist and discuss how to use accounting information to make important farm management decisions.
  • CultivateGrowth Mentorship
    • As a mentee participant, you will be partnered with an experienced farmer/mentor of a similar commodity to learn from through shared experiences and knowledge.
  • Complete Business Plan and Financial Checklist
    • Complete a business plan and work with your loan officer to confirm the plan is complete and accurate.
    • Financials should include (but are not limited to): Cash Flow statement, Income Statement/Tax Returns, Balance Sheet, and Projection

    Individuals who qualify for the CultivateGrowth Emerging Loan program are eligible to receive an interest rate reduction upon the completion of their CultivateGrowth Emerging Loan Education.


CultivateGrowth program

As lenders to rural America and production agriculture, we understand the challenges young, beginning, and small farmers face when starting their own farm or taking on ownership of a multi-generational farm and as such, we work to provide the educational and financial resources needed to help establish a solid foundation.