Third-grader Donates Steer to Feed Over 1,000 Hungry People
Oliver Hill

The current COVID-19 pandemic has prompted individuals to step up and help others in unique ways. One individual in particular has embodied the utmost bravery, kindness, and sacrifice to support his community: Oliver Hill.


Oliver Hill is a third-grader at Whiteford Agricultural Schools in Monroe County. His prized possession was his beloved steer, Batman. Oliver spent hours training, raising, grooming, and competing with Batman. One of these events was the North American International Livestock show in Louisville, a premier livestock competition.


A few weeks ago, Oliver noticed that the current pandemic had unfortunately left multiple families hungry and in need of food. He approached his mom, Tessie Hill, assistant VP of credit at GreenStone’s Adrian branch, asking her to donate his steer to be butchered to help these families in need.


Tessie and her husband were delighted by the idea and reached out to Joshua Kastel of Kastel Slaughterhouse in Riga, MI. Kastel taught Oliver how to grind and wrap the meat, allowing Oliver to be involved in every step of the farm-to-plate process.


Oliver enjoyed this enriching hands-on experience and was eventually able to deliver 400 pounds of meat to the Whiteford School District. The school distributed the meat to families in need, feeding over one thousand people.


Oliver's beef donation


Tessie states this process “has taught Oliver selflessness and to give what you can.” She is extremely proud of her son for not only giving his 14-month-old steer to give to those in need, but also assisting in the butchering and delivery process. It was very difficult for Oliver to say goodbye to Batman; he had been with Batman since the steer was born on the Hill family farm.


The GreenStone community has been inspired by Oliver’s selfless act. Erin DuBois, regional VP of sales and customer relations, states, “Oliver is a generous young man that has provided inspiration along with food to his community,” causing her to feel encouraged during such an uncertain time. Oliver’s actions ultimately align with GreenStone’s core values of 'getting involved' and 'doing the right thing'.


Oliver could have easily decided to keep his steer or sell it to make a profit. Instead, he chose to go above and beyond and help those less fortunate. Oliver’s immense sacrifice for the community will be remembered and cherished by both the Hill family and the GreenStone community.

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