Community Engagement: Reese Elementary Harvest Hoedown
Harvest Hoedown at Reese Elementary


Educating the younger generation about agriculture has become so important to GreenStone, and we were able to do that extensively at an event this year in Caro, Michigan. The Harvest Hoedown was an event at Reese Elementary. The organizers set up several stations on different topics dealing with the fall harvesting industry. Activities ranged from learning about sugar beets and equipment, to pumpkin bowling and dress up games. 


Ashley Soles, a customer service representative at GreenStone, sat at the deer “roping” station with the kids, where the kids roped deer targets, which is kind of like lassoing a cow. Her and the kids also learned more about corn harvesting as well. Other events included learning more about sugar beets. Several farms brought tractors and semis for students to sit in and showed them how they bring these beets to Michigan Sugar. They were also shown how to operate the equipment. How fun!


Michigan Sugar also helped organize and provide knowledge to the students. They brought in different beet products which included whole sugar beets, dry beet pulp, and beet pellets. They gave the kids a rundown of what the process entails as well as letting them feel around in their mystery boxes to guess what was in it. This allowed the students to learn hands-on about the beet industry. 


“It was a great turn out of volunteers and the kids had a wonderful time,” Ashley said. “This was the first year doing the event that it was more agricultural related. They had done different outdoor themed events in the past and are moving toward having an annual event.”


Having this event in place for younger students helps them envision what a farmer’s life can look like, and they learn how to appreciate it at a young age! GreenStone was happy to volunteer at the event this year, and we hope to continue for many more years!


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