Tech Tip - Two-Factor Authentification
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Every day we use any number of online services like Google, Facebook or Outlook to name a few. Often without even thinking about, we store a treasure trove of personal data in these services that could be of great value to an attacker. One of the simplest ways to enhance and protect these accounts is to enable two-factor authentication. Also known as two-step verification or 2FA, the process of two-factor requires that you must provide something you know (your password) and then a second form of authentication by something you have.  This could be a SMS message or a push notification to your cell phone.  

By enabling two-factor authentication, you greatly reduce the chance that an attacker can compromise your online accounts if they have your password, as they would not be able to provide the second method of authentication. 

The challenge with two-factor is each online service that offers two-factor has different steps for configuration. To help you in the process, there is an online resource that provides guidance on configuring two-factor authentication on your various accounts, visit:

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