The GreenStone Story: Customer's Rights
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GreenStone’s customer bill of rights is our commitment to all customers to deliver dependable financial products and services, helping our members develop a sound financial plan for today and into the future. This commitment holds true when customers experience prosperous times as well as times when customers are facing financial challenges.

GreenStone’s Customer Bill of Rights = Our Promise to all Customers:

Personalized Service

We will always provide personal, individual service to our customers. We understand no two farms, businesses or households are alike, and each deserves personal attention. While we have credit and underwriting standards we are obligated to follow, we give extra effort to get to know our customers and understand their situations. We will work to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with all members, one based on respect, trust and open communication. Through a trusted partnership we are able to work with customers to develop strategic plans to help navigate tough times.

Immediate Response to all Requests
With 36 local branches serving members, we are local and nimble, providing quick and timely responses to customer requests. Our staff embrace our Core Four Values, including putting the customer first by being responsive and building relationship with customers beyond the transaction. In recent months, we have streamlined processes to improve response rates on loan applications, and continue to put focus on this as a business objective in the coming year. We will review and respond to all requests.

Honest, Fair and Impartial Treatment
We treat all customers fairly and honestly while appreciating their individuality and adhering to our thorough and regulated processes. Our customers, and the success of their operations, are our primary concern. We make every effort to maintain open, two-way communication with members, to help them evaluate alternative considerations proactively and consistently. When alternative arrangements are necessary, ongoing communication is routinely done with in person meetings or by phone. To help ensure transparency and clarity, information by mail is also a consistent follow-up step in this communication process. It is our commitment to work with customers to provide the most viable and sustainable solutions for their individual circumstances.

Confidential Treatment of all Information
Our commitment to all customers is to treat member information and affiliation with GreenStone confidentially. We will never release the names of our customers or comment on the relationship we have with individuals without prior consent. On occasion, we will ask customers to comment on their relationship with GreenStone as we tell our customer stories in a variety of communication channels. We will always ask the customer’s permission and gain consent before acknowledging them as a customer, while maintaining confidentiality of the business relationship specifics.

Accurate Information and Advice
We take pride in being experts in farm and country living financing. Many of our staff members have direct ties to farming or rural living and bring their experience and education to the customers they serve. Additionally, we believe it is essential we stay informed of market trends and other financial indicators to best serve our customers. We continue to be involved in a variety of industry associations to stay current and to also share our expertise with others.

The Customer’s Responsibility:
The trusted relationship we strive for requires a mutual commitment to open communication and action by the customer. A stressed industry economy or personal stressors creates an even greater importance on the need for transparency and proactive and consistent communication between customers and our staff. This past year is an example of the action we take to work with our members, such as analyzing business plans and balance sheets, rebalancing debt and restructuring financing to help members achieve success. We are in a better position to assist customers when we are brought into the conversation routinely, before a situation appears difficult.

Together, we can and will seek out the best solutions for our customers based on individual service, an unbiased perspective and sound financial metrics. We ask you to reach out to your local GreenStone representative at anytime to discuss your current situation and to discover the best solutions for you.


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