5 Tips for Time Management for Parents
5 Tips for Time Management for Parents


We all know that keeping up with our families’ schedules and time managing can be an extreme task. Finding new ideas to excel at this is challenging – which is why we are here to share some ways that might help you to rock parenting this year! 

1. Keep an organized family calendar.

 There are several apps out there for keeping track of family events, school, work, and so on. Our director of information security, Matthew Cosgrove, recommends the Apple Calendar on the iPhone or Google Calendar for those who have other brands of smartphones. “The Apple calendar leverages the iCloud, so anybody with an iCloud account can be invited to the shared calendar and the owner can choose who is able to make edits to the events,” states Matthew. “This goes for access to Google Calendars as well.” 

It can be hard telling everyone in your extended family what is going on with everyone’s lives. Utilizing this option can help clear up any confusion and it always keeps everyone in the loop! 

2. Meal planning saves time and money. 

Planning out your meals for the week can be such a helpful tool, especially when your family is always on the go. Getting your meat out in time for it to be thawed when you need it, prepping any vegetables or fruits the night before, or even just putting what you want to make on a calendar can help you save the time of deciding what to eat during the week. This can also save money, as you’ll have a focused grocery shopping list and you will not go out to eat or spend money on take-out when you feel stressed trying to figure things out in the moment. 

3. Use alarms or timers to keep track of your time.

Alarms or timers can be used for several everyday items! You can use a timer to alert you when it's time to get your family ready for an event, a reminder for your kids' TV or tablet time, or when you are cooking your food! Having the timer go off can really help you stay focused, and keep you moving onto the next thing you need to do before the day ends.

4. Say no more. 

Sometimes, saying no is not a bad thing and more people need to understand this! You can say no to the extra things and special requests when you need to instead knock things off your to-do list at home. Everyone has a hard time with this tip, but it offers many benefits – not only to get things done, but also to improve your state of mind. It can really work if you are trying to better manage your time for the things that are most important in your life!

5. Cut down your to-do list. 

Often, we make to-do lists that are way too long to get done in a manageable amount of time. You need to prioritize this list to make sure it can get done and leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished. Instead of an unrealistic long list, consider making two lists: one being short-term such as immediate chores, and another with longer term items such as future chores and bigger projects like home renovations. Simply getting a to-do on a list can give a sense of calm, and making the list manageable can help you maintain the feeling. Saying no to outside requests can sometimes be easier than telling yourself no. Do both!

Managing your time as a parent can be a struggle; we hope these tips are able to help you!

Source: 5 Tips For Time Management For Parents (home-storage-solutions-101.com).


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