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With thousands of options available for crop insurance, having a provider who understands your farm and the variety of coverage options available to you is invaluable.  To ensure our team is able to provide you the best overall experience, knowledge and support, GreenStone has reorganized our crop insurance team in order for our specialists to be focused by commodity segment.  


This specialization began several years ago when we identified the need for agents to be specialized in fruit crop insurance, and the customer appreciation of that emphasis led us to continue this segmentation. Not only are the crop and farming practices unique for each industry, the continued development of new risk management options for our producers across all commodities requires a team laser-focused on understanding the options and helping customers identify the right coverage for their unique needs. This has led us to crop insurance teams with specialization in row crops, specialty crops, and livestock.


With the growth of GreenStone’s partnership with customers in providing crop insurance coverage, this move is directly tied to GreenStone’s Core Four Value of putting the customer first and delivering quality. As one of the largest crop insurance providers supporting over 20% of the crop insurance customers in Michigan and Wisconsin, and nearly 30% of the Dairy Revenue Protection customers, this added focus will only continue to improve the support provided to our members.   


As part of this reorganization, GreenStone is pleased to announce these teams will be led by three of our crop insurance specialists: Cory Blumerick, David Moll, and Scott Schmidt. While serving customers and assisting their teammates, they will be working closely with Ben Mahlich, who continues to lead the crop insurance team.  


Ben Mahlich – VP Crop Insurance

Ben joined GreenStone in 2002 and has held numerous roles in lending and management. Ben is also the current Chairman of the Farm Credit Crop Insurance Committee. He learned the value of crop insurance in 2012 when he was a regional vice president of customer delivery and there was a drastic freeze. Crop insurance was not available at that time for all crops. Since that time, Ben has been a strong supporter of the advancement of crop insurance to address all crops and further develop risk management tools for all farms.


Cory Blumerick – Crop Insurance Manager – Specialty/Livestock Crops

Cory joined GreenStone in 2014 and moved himself and wife Roxanne back to Cory’s home state, leaving the warmth of Hawaii behind. Cory quickly adapted to specialty crops due to his degree in tropical plant and soil science from the University of Hawaii and led the charge for GreenStone and all of Michigan on the benefits of Whole Farm Revenue Protection. Cory, a recent 40 under 40 award winner from Fruit Grower News, has been instrumental in leading GreenStone’s specialty crop team to support customers with integrating new coverage options into their risk management plans, and representing the needs of our customers with USDA’s Risk Management Agency for Whole Farm Revenue Protection and cherries. 


David Moll – Crop Insurance Manager – Row Crops

David Moll joined GreenStone in 2012 after graduating with an Agri-Business Management degree from Michigan State University, a Masters in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, and being a Grain Marketing State Specialist for the University of Wisconsin. David has proven his success with his deep understanding of how crop insurance and grain marketing work together and how the Farm Service Agency programs with crop insurance products can provide the best risk management solution for our customers. 


Scott Schmidt – Crop Insurance Manager – Row Crops 

Scott Schmidt joined GreenStone in 2012 bringing with him an abundance of farm knowledge from his work on his family’s farm. After graduating from Central Michigan University, Scott was a technical recruiter for the automotive industry where he learned to read and understand people, which he has leveraged into his excellent customer service to be able to provide individualized solutions for customers here at GreenStone.


GreenStone is excited for the added value this enhanced focus will provide our members. With the depth of knowledge and expertise, and continued local service, these leaders and their teams are ready to provide even better service and solutions to our customers. If you have any questions, please contact your local GreenStone crop insurance specialist. 

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