Borrower's Rights

Our Pledge to Our Members

GreenStone is committed to working with our customers and assisting those who find themselves financially stressed during difficult economic times.

With this in mind, GreenStone reinforces its pledge to continue to be a dependable financial source ready to assist your decision making process as you develop a sound financial plan for now and in to the future.

The Customer’s Role

  • Call us! At a time when you believe you may require some type of temporary financial relief, communication with your lender must be a top priority. By starting the conversation, we’ll be able to help you determine your individual situation and help guide you through a preserve and recover process.
  • Records are essential! Without accurate and up-to-date financial information and a realistic assessment of cash flow, we can’t fully understand your unique situation. This includes analyzing your cost of production.
  • Planning never ends! A comprehensive business plan, including a marketing, procurement and purchasing, operating expense adjustments, debt structure alternatives, and risk management plans should all be outlined in your business plan. This provides a strategic starting point to assess viable options on a short-term and long-term basis.
  • Stay in touch! The first call isn’t the only call you need to make. Once you’ve met with your financial services officer, don’t lose contact. Stay in touch and keep them up-to-date on the business standings – the more communication, the better the results can be!

GreenStone’s Role

  • Our mission isn’t just words, it is our approach to each day! Our number one objective is to promote the success of our customers and the rural community by being the best at providing credit and financial services. By delivering high quality and competitive products while maintaining a financially strong core, we can extend credit and support in a manner that meets your specialized needs. Furthermore, we strive to ensure you are treated with sensitivity and respect by all staff.
  • A proactive approach is our goal! Our customers, and the success of their operations, remain a main concern. Therefore, we make every effort to, like you, be hands-on and review records to help you determine if alternative plans could be necessary.
    Individuality and customization is key! We know your situation will be vastly different from your neighbors. That’s why we start from ground zero with each customer and utilize a variety of tools and strategies to create a customized service plan specific to your unique needs. The process of determining what combination is the best fit starts with the individual analysis of your operation.
  • It’s no surprise…agriculture is a cyclical industry! The reasons for the increase, and subsequent decrease, in commodity prices are varied and dependent on a variety of outlying circumstances. While one customer may see great opportunity, another may be met with equally great risk. We know this, we understand it, and we are here to help guide you through these extraordinary times.
  • Your rights are paramount! It goes without saying that our customers not only expect, but trust, that we act in accordance with federal regulations which prohibit us from speaking directly about any of our customer relationships. To this end, our customer "Bill of Rights" explicitly states that we maintain confidential treatment of all information and protect your privacy. Furthermore, our Borrower Rights outline your right to request restructuring for your loan if you cannot meet current payments.

GreenStone pledges to work diligently to assist those in need, while balancing the delicacy of being a financially responsible organization. Customer success and our stability have never been more important.