Nominating Committee Governance Details

A Guide for Prospective Nominating Committee Members

The Nominating Committee identifies, evaluates and nominates a qualified slate of candidates for stockholder election to the association’s Board of Directors and to the association’s Nominating Committee.

Nominating Committee members must:

  • Be a voting stockholder of the association
  • Have an outstanding loan balance with the association
  • Not be a Director, employee or agent of the association
  • Not be a candidate for the Board of Directors while serving on the Nominating Committee
  • Reside or have a headquarters within the association’s chartered territory

Nominating Committee members are elected to a one-year term with a maximum of three consecutive years. There are generally one to three meetings per year.

  • July: The Nominating Committee in a region with open director positions meets to review expectations for candidate sourcing and selection 
  • September: The Nominating Committee in a region with open director positions meets to conduct formal interviews with identified Board of Director candidates
  • December: The Nominating Committee meets to review expectations for the source and selection of Nominating Committee candidates
  • January: The Nominating Committee meets by conference call to approve the slate of candidates 

For more information, see Farm Credit Administrations Role of the FCS Nominating Committee brochure.

Interested? Complete an online profile form for consideration by the Nominating Committee.