Patronage Program



GreenStone is a cooperative owned by the members it serves, which means you get to experience the benefits of that ownership! One significant value of the cooperative is the return of a portion of our annual earnings each year to our members in the form of Patronage.

Over the 18 years of our Patronage program, $840 million has been returned in checks to our members.

This year, a record $120 million was given back into our members! That’s more than 40% of GreenStone’s 2022 net earnings. This record-level of Patronage is a direct result of the success of our members and your trust in GreenStone. This partnership reflects our commitment to do all we can to assist our members through unprecedented times, seasons of profit and cycles of challenges. 




  • How is my patronage calculated?
    Your patronage payment is based on the net interest income earned on your loan by GreenStone in relation to the overall total patronage paid each year. Therefore, the more business you do with your cooperative, the larger your potential return.
  • How much could I receive? 

    GreenStone’s Board of Directors approves the amount of distribution to be returned to customers each year. In recent years, customers, on average, have received anywhere from .75 percent to 1.25 percent of their average loan balance in a cash payment.

    For example, if you are paying an annual percentage rate of 8.0 percent on your loan, you could receive a patronage payment that would reduce your net borrowing costs to 6.75 percent. This average could change on an annual basis, based on the financial performance of the cooperative and the final determination of the Board of Directors as to the distribution amount. Though the intent is for an annual payment, there is always the possibility of no patronage being paid.

  • When will I receive my payment?
    Cash patronage payments will be distributed during the first quarter of the year, based on earnings from the prior year. It’s important for you to realize any cash payment received through the patronage program is considered taxable earnings, and will be reported each year by GreenStone to the IRS. Each January following a year that patronage payments are distributed, GreenStone will send IRS 1099-PATR forms to customers.
  • Who is eligible?
    Customers eligible to receive the patronage payment include anyone holding stock or participation certificates with GreenStone. Loan participations purchased by GreenStone and any leasing transactions will typically not be included in the patronage program.