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June 24
Happy Hydrating

By Tracy Schrauben

Summer is here! And whether we’re are out working in the field, playing with the kids in the back yard or running errands, the heat gets to all of us. To prevent dehydration, it is important that we supply our bodies with plenty of fluids. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you up the anti on liquid intake during the sizzling summer months.


Take a drink break: Summer is an excellent time for gardening, frolicking on the beach, or spending a day at the amusement park. When we are doing things that we enjoy outside we often forget to stop, take a break, and have something to drink. Don’t wait until you are dying of thirst to get a drink, make a conscious effort to drink something at least every hour.


Some liquids actually dehydrate you: Pop, coffee, and alcohol are diuretics and cause you to use the restroom more frequently. To ensure you are remaining hydrated choose a drink without carbonation or caffeine and that is ideally low in sugar such as Propel, Gatorade, or just plain water.


Get creative: Add chunks of melon, orange slices, or mint leaves to a picture of water and chill for at least two hours, use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes, or freeze homemade ice pops. I also recently tried the water enhancer called Mio, just a squirt or two and you have a sugar free, naturally flavored glass of water!


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