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December 01
Hunting - Nature's Gym

Three miles, one pricker bush, and a cold hour and a half later, I had confirmed my notion that hunting is indeed great exercise.

The Walk
4:00pm - arrival at the gate of the property. It was time to traipse out to the tree stand, post up and get settled in before sundown. Uphill, downhill, over fallen branches, and not to mention through eight inches of snow, I could feel my hamstrings burning by the time we reached our destination. One last climb up a 10-foot ladder into the tree stand and I was finally able to rest. At this point I was a little heated up from my two pair of socks, boots, under armor, sweat suit, and camouflage outerwear. My body was working hard to cool itself down.
  • Walking in the snow - walking in the snow burns more calories because its harder to take steps so you lift your legs higher and expend more energy to move.
  • Perspiring - as your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder to boost circulation, which improves your cardiovascular system and also strengthens your immune system to fight what your body thinks is a fever. Sweating also helps detoxify your body, by removing unwanted chemicals.

The Wait
4:45pm - situated and ready to see some deer, I had cooled back down to my normal body temperature. "This isn't that bad," I thought to myself, "I'm actually pretty comfortable."

5:30pm - not so warm at this point, actually quite freezing (I wasn't as tough as I thought). The temperature had dropped as the sun disappeared behind the trees and the tips of my toes and fingers had stated feeling pretty cold...and we still had to walk back. This round, I was not hot or sweaty, but seemed to be getting colder! My body was now working hard to maintain its usual 98.6 degrees.


  • Body warming - the body remains warm by burning of calories during the Thermoregulation process.
  • Fresh air - exercises performed outdoors in fresh air offer increased aerobic benefits. More clean air in, helps improve our breathing technique and increase stamina. More oxygen to the muscles reduces that lactic acid build-up in the muscles which leads to cramping.

The Potential
6:00pm - back at the truck and ready to get home! It had been quite an adventure. I cant even imagine if we'd gotten a deer! That would have meant a lot more walking if we had to track it, more waiting in the cold if my dad had to gut it, and not to mention a serious weight bearing work out if we would have had to drag it back to the truck! Talk about exercise!



    Michigan Rocks!

    It's awesome that you took the time to point out the benefits of exploring the outdoors. Our State has so much to offer residents year round. I hope you an your dad find a monster buck soon!
    Bill Eva on 12/1/2011 3:06 PM

    Re: Hunting - Nature's Gym

    Thanks for the good luck wishes Bill! I'll pass them along to my dad, though this excursion was a good time, I'm not sure hunting will become a hobby of mine :)
    Tracy Schrauben on 12/2/2011 8:11 AM