Farm Operating Loans

Features & Benefits

As a farm operator, you need a financial partner that understands your business cycles and the market risks you face every day. Our team of service providers know there is more to your business than planting a seed or feeding a calf, we understand your business and have products and services designed to meet your individual needs.

Having a readily-accessible line of credit gives you the flexibility and stability to manage your business from planting season to harvest and everything in between. Serving Michigan and northeast Wisconsin, Our farm operating loans are available in one to three year terms to meet your farm’s needs. You can use these loans as either a revolving line of credit or a declining balance loan. 


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Terms for one to three years
  • Interest rate flexibility
  • Flexible repayment options 
  • Accessible anytime by online transactions, drafts, phone or in-person
  • Eligible for use in purchasing items for operating needs (not capital purchases)
  • Patronage payment
  • Remote deposit capture available with our mobile app

Farm Cash Management

A GreenStone Farm Cash Management® account gives you the dual benefit of easy access to operating funds while potentially minimizing net interest costs.


A portion of our annual earnings are returned to our eligible member-owners in the form of patronage.


  • How are operating lines approved?
    Operating farm loans rely on credit-worthiness and existing collateral for approval.
  • What interest rate structures are available?

    Based on financial strength and risk tolerance, the following options are available:

    • Adjustable rate
    • Variable rate
  • What repayment options are available?

    Because we understand the business cycles of agriculture, we have developed a variety of repayment options designed to match the cash flow of your business.