Home Construction Loans

Features & Benefits

Building your one-of-a-kind home in Michigan or northeast Wisconsin should have financing flexible enough to meet your unique needs. We leverage decades of experience in home construction financing to make the process smooth and easy for you.

  • Do-it-yourself or contracted construction
  • One-time close option
  • Fixed or variable rate option during construction
  • Interest only payments during construction
  • You choose your contractors
  • Utilize your land value for equity
  • Flexible draws

Home Construction Frequently Asked Questions and Related Resources

New home construction is an exiting but complex journey, often prompting prospective customers to ask "where do I even start?"
To see a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions and answers, as well as related resources such as guides and templates, click below.

Patronage Program

A portion of our annual earnings are returned to our eligible member-owners in the form of patronage.


  • How does the draw process work?
    Once notarized sworn statements are submitted to the title company, we will confirm the work is completed and the owner is satisfied. Then the title company will approve the draw request and we will issue a check.
  • What are lien waivers and how do I obtain them?
    A lien waiver gives notice that the signer is giving up their right to file a lien, either in full or in part, against the property. The waiver is given by a contractor, subcontractor, supplier or laborer when payment is made.
  • What is a sworn statement?
    A sworn statement is an itemized list of all individuals and companies who will provide improvements, materials or labor for the construction project.