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Features & Benefits

When you find the perfect location for your new home in Michigan or northeast Wisconsin, we can structure the financing to align with your building plans. We have flexible financing available to fit your needs regardless of parcel size or use. We have the experience to find the right vacant land loan solution for you. 

  • No acreage restrictions
  • Typically require a down payment
  • Build when you are ready
  • Financing for site improvements available
  • Choose from a variety of fixed, adjustable, and variable rate loans with flexible terms for multi-year schedules

Funds Held

This loan is eligible for a Funds Held account. By combining an interest-generating account with a term-loan at GreenStone gives you convenience and flexibility managing your future financial obligations related to your loan.

Patronage Program

A portion of our annual earnings are returned to our eligible member-owners in the form of patronage.


  • What are my down payment options?

    Typically, mortgages require a 20 percent loan to value down payment. We have options for borrowers looking to secure their down payment, including:

    • Providing 20 percent cash down
    • Other property or forms of collateral to meet some or all of the down payment requirement.
  • How do I reamoritize my loan?

    Loan reamoritization can be done quickly without the need to refinance throughout the life of the loan as equity is accumulated. A visit with a local financial services officer can get the process started.

  • Can I finance vacant land for up to 30 years?
    Yes, we are one of the few lenders who will write mortgages on vacant land without the stipulation to build with in a certain timeframe. Many of our customers use our vacant land mortgages to purchase hunting land or recreational land.