Top five tips for landing your dream internship
Group Photo of 2018 GreenStone Interns

As winter semester is underway students are looking forward to summer internships or career opportunities. Jonna Meyers, HR business partner at GreenStone, gives her top five tips to college students looking to land their dream internship. 

1. Determine what you desire to receive from an internship

The first of five steps is looking into yourself. What do you want to experience from an internship? Is there a certain niche area you want to work in within your industry? Developing a purpose may take a lifetime but it can start now while you are in college. 


2. Start looking early and apply!

Applying early can show both initiative and interest. Using job searching websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, or Handshake can aide you when you are searching for your dream internship. 


3. Engage in on-campus employer visits

Meeting with employers on campus can benefit you in learning from an employee of the company. Understanding what the internship is about, what the company has to offer you as an intern and if there are possibilities of landing a full-time job after you graduate is also important. 

4. Build a resume that accurately and impressively reflects your experience and skills

There are many resume building workshops at your school and outside organizations. These workshops can help enhance your resume by having professionals critique it. Resumes should include up to date contact information, work experience, volunteer experience and skills. 


5. Be resourceful when networking and use social media to your advantage

There are two different ways of networking today - face-to-face and online. Face-to-face networking can be done by going to career fairs, in classes and at networking events. Ask someone for their business card or exchange business cards with them as an ice breaker! Online networking is mostly done by using LinkedIn. LinkedIn can serve as your online resume and can be used to meet and connect with individuals using groups or following hashtags.


Are you or someone you know looking for an internship? Find out more about the GreenStone internships and careers here


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