FFA's Impact on GreenStone Employees
Dave Armstrong with an FFA member

As National FFA Week comes to a close, we reflect on the impact FFA leaves on members.  It was a week that celebrated FFA’s continued commitment to educating our youth through involvement opportunities in agriculture and mission of cultivating stronger leaders in the farming community. 

Many GreenStone employees are previous FFA members, current FFA alumni members and still active in the organization. In honor of National FFA Week, we asked our employees “Just One” of the many ways the FFA shaped who they are today.

"FFA was a big part of my high school career. From state and national trips, to dairy judging at the pavilion, to our regional camps, it distilled team work, loyalty, personal leadership growth, career success and a greater love for agriculture. I gained important life skills that have equipped me to be successful. You learn valuable life lessons that you don’t just get in the classroom. It really is an unexplained bond that you automatically share with anyone who has ever or will ever wear that blue corduroy jacket.”
- Jenny

"I was a member of my local FFA chapter from 1972-1976.  My experience as an officer provided leadership experiences that helped develop confidence and organizational skills.  Thank you FFA!”
- Kevin 

“FFA is an amazing organization!  It was through FFA that I learned (and now watch my kids learn) so many life lessons. I am a Cassopolis FFA Alumni and I love that my children are doing what I loved when I was their age!  I am so thankful that my children have this wonderful opportunity to be involved in such a great organization and to be working for a company that supports their passion!”
- Elizabeth

“I was lucky enough to serve two years as chapter president in high school and it was my first opportunity in a leadership role. This experience gave me the skill set to understand how professional meetings are ran and is a skill used today as I am involved in several professional organizations. Learning how to work well with others and complete tasks are skills I use every day in my life and career. Overall, my involvement in FFA was one of the major events that encouraged me to be confident in trying new experiences and shaped me into the person I am today. I am forever grateful my parents encouraged me to get involved in FFA in high school.”
- Beth

“Being a part of an FFA chapter shaped and polished my exposure to the agricultural industry and gave me leadership skills that I still use. The background in parliamentary procedure has served me well in committee meetings and various board positions. There is a special place in my heart for this organization and their ability to grow strong leaders in the agricultural and rural communities.”
- Sara

“My involvement with the FFA set the course for what has become a life-time passion of serving farmers and helping to tell their story in a variety of ways. Even more rewarding than my own involvement, is watching my three children reap the rewards of being an FFA member, each in their own way.”
- Laura

“As an alumni of the Harbor Beach FFA Chapter and a board member for the Michigan FFA Foundation, I have benefited personally and professionally from the leadership development skills and friendships gained through my involvement. I’m honored to serve with many other passionate advocates on the Foundation board where we’re able to directly help students experience the same positive impact of the FFA.“
- Melissa

"Although I was not fortunate enough to have been an FFA member when I was growing up, I clearly see the value the organization brings to each and every student it touches. Yes, there are several worthy organizations that do similar things for young people but, none, in my opinion provides the breadth, depth, and practical life training like that of FFA."
- Dave

“Potential...  I joined FFA my senior year and it changed my life. It made me realize my full potential and the many potential career opportunities I could pursue in the agricultural industry.”
- Jackie


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