Find the Fun in Farming with Alice in Dairyland
Outside photo of the Farm Wisconcin Discovery Center, a large red and brick barn with many buildings with a yellow barn quilt block in corner of barn on a sunny summer day.

From farming fields to family meals, the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center (FWDC) combines interactive learning and agricultural exhibits providing visitors with unforgettable, educational fun on the agriculture industry.

Head shot with crown of the 71st PR representative for Wisconcin, Alice in Dairyland, Kaitlyn RileyThe FWDC provides the opportunity for individuals of all ages to experience first hand, where their food comes from and better understand the profound impact of farming in both Wisconsin and the world. Founded in 2018, the mission of the center is to educate guests on how farmers produce food safely and sustainably - while making it fun for the whole family.

“Our vision is to be the premier agricultural education and discovery center in the United States, connecting people to their food,” says Laurie Schetter, FWDC board member and GreenStone’s VP of lending based in Manitowoc, WI. “There is a great need for transparency in the agriculture industry and educating individuals through the center helps us bridge the gap between those who produce food and those who consume it.”

Inspired by Wisconsin’s diverse agriculture industry, FWDC offers a wide range of learning activities such as a live birthing barn, Field to Fork center, Alfalfa to Zucchini exhibit and a personal tour of a local farm. In addition to the various activities, there’s an array of events throughout the year with something for everyone to enjoy. The events range in topic and age level, from educational forums on agronomy to Little Sprout Storytime, to the upcoming Breakfast at the Barn featuring Alice in Dairyland. 

Alice in Dairyland is a one-year, full-time, public relations professional who represents the Wisconsin agriculture industry. On Wednesday, May 29, the 71st Alice in Dairyland, Kaitlyn Riley, will visit the center from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. during their bi-monthly Breakfast at the Barn event. She will speak on Wisconsin’s current economic state and talk about her responsibilities as Alice in Dairyland.

“There are a number of events each year and the Breakfast in the Barn with Alice in Dairyland is a great one for everyone to attend,” Laurie says. “FWDC also has a large conference center with catering services available to rent for all types of events, from business meetings to private parties.”

As a leader in the agriculture community, GreenStone takes pride in supporting and providing educational opportunities for the community to understand the importance of the agriculture industry. The member-owned cooperative plays an important role in the funding of the FWDC and is honored to represent the voice of farmers while educating the public. GreenStone is delighted to support non-profit organizations like the FWDC, teaching individuals about the path food takes and it’s immense role in the economy.

If you would like more information about the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center or details on attending the May Breakfast in the Barn featuring Alice in Dairyland, please visit their website at

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