4-H Leaders: Leaving a Life-Long Impact
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GreenStone employee, Rebecca Davis, standing in ring with her horseWhether it was showing animals in local county fairs, participating in 4-H Exploration Days or working with students from across the state, being involved in 4-H leaves a lasting impact. This holds true for GreenStone’s general ledger accountant, Rebecca Davis. However, unlike most individuals impacted by the organization, Rebecca never participated in 4-H growing up.

Despite Rebecca not being a member of 4-H , after volunteering as a leader in 2008 for Ingham County, she has well made up for the years missed in her youth. As a leader, she works directly with members and plays a valuable role in their growth and development. She helps by trailering horses to and from the fairgrounds, loaning tack and show clothes, going to weekly club ride meets, and setting up and assisting at shows. Rebecca, and her horses, recently participated in the Ingham County fair.

“My horses have been used as ‘donation horses’ in the Little International showmanship competitions at the Ingham County Fair as well as many other non 4-H events,” Rebecca explains. “All have been fantastic experiences.”

During her leadership role of providing support and guidance to members for the last 12 years, Rebecca has gained a deep appreciation of working with the youth in her community.

“I enjoy knowing that I have helped 4-H kids learn and develop,” she says. “My hope is that someday they will look back and smile at the memories they have.”

As Michigan’s largest youth development organization and an integral role in agriculture, the Michigan 4-H Foundation touches the lives of many. Being a long-time sponsor of 4-H is important to GreenStone and supports future leaders in agriculture. The cooperative is honored to have employees like Rebecca whose values align and are committed to giving back to the community.

“Greenstone’s policies to allow employees to balance their work and life are top-notch, so many of us are involved in our communities in different ways,” Rebecca says. “And it is amazing the support we give as an organization.”

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