Gratitude and Commitment
Gratitude for Farmers

Together with our GreenStone cooperative members, we've all faced challenges over the past few months that we never anticipated. Adversity has increased the public's understanding of what we already knew: farmers perform essential work; without their strength and resilience our access to the food we take for granted would be limited.

GreenStone's response to adversity has left us stronger now more than ever before, and we're serving our customers with the same dedication that we did long before any of us ever heard of the Coronavirus. The voice of CEO Dave Armstrong is featured in the following video and radio spots airing throughout Michigan and northeast Wisconsin. He speaks from the heart for all of us at GreenStone as he expresses gratitude to our local farmers and reaffirms our commitment to our members!





Listen: Supporting Our Agricultural Producers

I’m Dave Armstrong, President & CEO of GreenStone Farm Credit Services. During these challenging times, we are grateful for our ‘essential services’ workers, which include our farmers who play a crucial role in feeding America. Now, more than ever, we recognize the important contributions of those who help put food on our tables. We want you to know that while you support our country, GreenStone is here supporting you. Thank you!  (30 secs)


Listen: Still Moving Forward

I’m Dave Armstrong, President and CEO of GreenStone Farm Credit Services. Despite the challenges around us, our local farmers are moving forward to continue producing the food and fiber we all depend on… To all of you, thank you. (15 secs)


GreenStone CEO radio spot

CEO Dave Armstrong recording the GreenStone message at home


Listen: Member Appreciation

This is Dave Armstrong, President & CEO of GreenStone Farm Credit Services. We’ve been here supporting rural communities for more than a century. That long-term strength and stability of our organization ensures we will be here for our members today, tomorrow and for many years to come. As we all do our part during these times to help one another, GreenStone continues to be your partner, prepared to assist you. (30 secs)


Listen: Our Commitment Remains

This is Dave Armstrong, President & CEO of GreenStone Farm Credit Services. For over 100 years, we have supported agriculture and rural communities. During these challenging times, that commitment remains, and we’re here working for you. (15 secs)

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